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Most people don’t realize how interesting and applicable their oral health is to their quality of life. The mouth is known as the gateway to the body and research is consistently coming out with more information on how the mouth and body are connected. We want to make sure our patients are the most up to date and informed in all of Parrish. Stop by twice a month for new articles and tips for keeping your oral health in tip top shape. If you ever have a question or a topic you would like Dr. Schnur and his team to address, send us an email.

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Alternative Text Posted December 13, 2019 / Blog, Dental News
Dr. Richard Schnur

Fun Dental Facts – Did You Know?

Dentistry is serious medicine, and daily oral hygiene is a top priority. But teeth can be pretty fun, too—not to mention fascinating. For starters, have you ever seen the full sets of baby teeth and adult teeth present in a child’s head x-ray? Go ahead, look it up. There are tons of interesting dental facts… (Read More)

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