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Maybe you have put off treatment that you want or need because being in the dental chair just isn’t your most favorite place to be. The official-technical term for this is “Normal” :) We would like to offer you a judgment-free, relaxed atmosphere where we can help you move forward to a new healthy smile!

There are several ways we can help. Here is a list of everyday items.

  • One at a Time Scheduling – We want to focus on you, not run from room to room.
  • Comfortably Numb – More than just a classic rock lyric, we strive to make sure treatment is pain free.
  • Nice Cushy Neck Pillow - Seems like a simple thing, but people love it.
  • Quick Treatment – If desired, we can do several procedures in one visit to save you time.

Some people have more difficulty being a dental patient than others. Whether it is due to bad previous experiences, strong gag reflex, you don’t like needles or the sound of the drill (who can blame you), we offer several options that can help put those problems behind you and get dental treatment completed comfortably.

  • Nitrous Oxide Gas – Laughing gas. A small rubber cover is put over the nose that allows the gas to be breathed in. Quick and easy to use for any appointment, even cleanings. It doesn’t provide sleep sedation, but it relaxes and really takes the edge off of being a dental patient. Patients are aware of what is going on around them, but are relaxed enough that not much if anything bothers them. Numbing injections would be used when working on teeth, but can be done once the gas is in use. The effect of the gas has a quick onset with a minute or two and is completely reversed by breathing oxygen for a few minutes at the end of the appointment. Patients can drive themselves home without feeling drowsy and can resume normal daily activities. More information about Nitrous Oxide can be found here.
  • Conscious Sedation – Halcion (triazolam) Pill Sedation with Nitrous Oxide. Although technically conscious, (patients can breathe on their own, can protect their own airway, and can respond to verbal questions) most patients are very drowsy or even sleep through the entire appointment, remembering little if anything afterwards. Pills with nitrous oxide provide a long enough working time to treat many if not all teeth that need treatment in one visit. An escort driver is needed for transportation home. Although patients are awake when leaving the office, normal daily activities need to be postponed until the next day. Dr. Schnur has a conscious sedation permit from the state of Florida that allows him to be one of the small percentage of licensed dentists that can provide this service. The majority of patients who prefer to be sedated for their treatment do very well with this level of sedation. More information about conscious sedation can be found here.


Because many of our new patients have avoided the dentist for a long time, they are often embarrassed about the state of their oral health. Even their closest friends and family are unaware of their dental problems. We respect your privacy and are very discreet about your condition and treatment.

We also understand that dental problems can be an emotional burden. We will do all we can to put your mind at ease and to help put those problems behind you. To find more information about how we can make treatment more comfortable, call us today.

No Lectures – No Judgement, Just Help!

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