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Smile Makeovers

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See the remarkable results of Florida Smile Design. These are patients of Dr. Schnur that have graciously allowed us to show you their smile makeovers.


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“I smile more and look younger!”

“I’ve always known that a good smile is important”, states this competitive bridge player. “Every morning I looked in the mirror and saw my dark crooked teeth. I had tried whitening—it didn’t do anything for me—so I knew that that wasn’t the solution. The last straw came when my little granddaughter looked at me and said, ‘Grandma! Your teeth are yellow!“ I love my new teeth!”, she raves. “I’ll be having a conversation and people will stop me dead to compliment them. They say things like, “You know, you have really nice teeth.” I do smile more and I do look younger.”

“I finally smile in photos.”

This fun loving guy hated his crooked front teeth. He regretted never having braces to straighten them. He decided to get the smile he wanted when he found out it could be done in just two visits (instead of the two years he thought he would need with braces). When asked about his new smile he says: “I finally smile in photos. I want everyone to see the new me!”

“It’s a pleasure to smile widely!”

This opera goer had always disliked the overlapping or the color of her teeth, but it wasn’t until she saw our actual makeovers that she began wondering what Dr. Schnur could do for her. To help her envision her new look, her photograph was digitally imaged. After getting all the answers to her questions, she excitedly moved forward. How does she feel now? “After years of hiding my teeth, it’s a pleasure to smile widely! I’m very pleased with the results.”


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.