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Smile Enhancement

Smile Enhancement

Building Confidence in Your Smile

  • Do you cover your smile when you laugh?
  • Do you close your lips in photos?
  • Is there something about your smile you wish were different?

We work with patients every day who wish their smiles were better.

We believe changing someone’s smile can 100% change the way they feel about themselves. We have seen it time and time again with patients just like you. If you have ever Googled “cosmetic dentistry” and wished you could experience a smile you loved, you are in the right place. Florida Smile Design is an excellent choice for smile enhancement.

You deserve to love your smile

We believe everyone deserves a smile they love. To us, the perfect smile is the smile you are happy with. If you are looking for a minor procedure, like teeth whitening or a larger commitment like veneers, the end goal is always the same, a smile you can’t wait to show off.

We offer comprehensive options for our patients that will enhance their look and make them feel years younger, more vibrant, and excited about life.


Dazzling, Pearly White Smiles aren’t Just for Celebrities

Veneers got their start in Hollywood as a temporary way to make the smiles of movie stars shine bright while filming. Over time, their application was perfected, and veneers became a permanent and accessible treatment for anyone looking to have a beautiful smile.

Veneers are thin shells of strong, stain-resistant porcelain customized to the size and shade you’re looking for. They can fix a number of smile concerns, such as gapping, asymmetrically shaped and sized teeth, slight crowding and crookedness, chips, cracks, and deep stains.

Veneers Illustration

Teeth Whitening

A Quick, Simple Fix for a Common Esthetic Concern

If you want a whiter smile, you’re not alone. You’ve probably figured that out based on how many teeth whitening products are available in the aisle of your grocery store, and maybe you’ve even tried some of them. Most of them are safe, though trends like activated charcoal powders and pastes can be very abrasive on your enamel. Unfortunately, most of them are also not going to deliver the results you’re hoping for if you’ve got deep staining.

For the most stain-lifting power and minimal sensitivity, we recommend a professional whitening treatment. We offer take-home kits you can use from the comfort of your couch. Professional whitening provides you with the best results and decreases sensitivity that over-the-counter products can cause.


A Simple Solution that Doesn’t Require Heavy Commitment

Bonding is a quick procedure that can fix nearly each smile concern veneers can without the same level of commitment—that’s because minimal preparation is necessary.

We use a composite resin, the same type used to fill cavities, to smooth chips, fill gaps, and give your teeth a whiter, more uniform appearance.

Dental Bonding Infographic

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Artwork by Gunilla Imshaug

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