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Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

Improving Results with Advanced Technology

  • Did you know you don’t have to bite into goop to make a mold of your teeth?
  • Would you like to see your x-rays when we do?
  • Are you ready to see a lot of cool machines that make your treatment faster and easier?

Our tech makes things faster, easier and less invasive.

Thanks to technological and scientific advancements, dental treatment has become more precise and effective, and it only continues to evolve as inventions and discoveries are made.

The equipment at Florida Smile Design has 3D and digital imaging capability for your comfort and convenience—we even formulate anesthetic injections make them more comfortable than those of the recent past.

3D Imaging

Goopy Impressions are a Thing of the Past

Our Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scanner is a favorite of ours and our patients. With 3D imaging, you don’t have to bite into a blob of alginate to create an impression. We can obtain a panoramic view of your head, neck, and jaw in under a minute, and use these scans to develop complex treatment plans. CBCT scanners also help us evaluate your sinuses and temporomandibular joint, which can aid in diagnosis sleep apnea and TMJ disorders.

3D Imaging with Our CBCT Scanner

Digital X-Rays

Clear Images Taken from the Comfort of the Dental Chair

We love digital radiography because it reduces the amount of radiation you and our team are exposed to. Digital x-rays can be taken while you sit reclined in the cushioned dental chair, and within minutes we’ll have clear images that show us the density of your jawbone and enamel, as well as which teeth have been restored in your past or are in need of restoration currently. We’ll go over the images with you to explain what we see.

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Intraoral Cameras

These Photos Can Help You See What We See

Our intraoral cameras aren’t much larger than a pen, but the shots they take can be magnified up to 25 times! This magnification helps us identify what we might not be able to with our dental mirrors and eyes alone, and the ability to show you what we see is a powerful motivator if your oral hygiene routine could use improvement.

  • Intraoral camera images can help us track changes in your mouth
  • Clear images show us areas that need more attention from your floss and toothbrush
Painless Injections

But First, Anesthesia

We buffer the pH of our lidocaine to reduce or eliminate injection discomfort before numbing kicks in. This small step makes a big difference. We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible while they get the care they need.

  • pH buffering can reduce pain associated with injections and make the numbing effect of lidocaine last longer
  • This is a safe, effective way to make treatment more comfortable
Oral Hygiene Helpers

Score an A+ in Homecare

Our office carries Oral-B® and Sonicare toothbrushes, and WaterPik® water flossers. Choosing between manual and electric toothbrushes comes down to personal preference, though electric toothbrushes can do a lot of the work for you while you focus on moving the bristles from tooth to tooth. There are electric models that can even tell you when you’re brushing too hard, which can cause your gums to recede.

For those who hate to floss with string, the WaterPik has proven effective at removing food debris and plaque from between teeth and along your gumline. Your gums will thank you for treating them to a rinse, which takes just one minute each day with the water flosser!


Artwork by Gunilla Imshaug

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