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“Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the healthy smile, and even more than that, the total understanding of my fear. You incorporated your skill as a dentist with your skill in understanding and working with people to make this experience comfortable. This is something that I’ve never experienced in dental care. Your relaxed, easy going manner made me feel at ease while you provided me the best in dental and patient care, comfort, and results. You and your assistant make an outstanding team. Thank you again for my beautiful smile.”

– JS, Riverview, FL



“I want to thank you for all your dental services rendered to me in my quest for a better smile and more comfortable and tight-fitting dentures. I have been plagued with gum disease and pain for many years and I was tired of dealing with it if there was an option other than a loose-fitting denture that just lay on my gums. I am now able to eat the foods I love (nuts, steak, corn on the cob). The implant supported denture snaps in and holds tight until I remove it, and I do not have to use denture adhesive. I have a beautiful smile now and no more gum or mouth pain. Thank you for your professional and caring attitude. You staff is reassuring and works with me in my early appointment needs and makes me feel like I am part of your family.”

– TC, Parrish, FL



“I considered having my dentistry done with sedation to help me relax during the procedure. There was nothing to it! I took one pill at bed time and one the next day just prior to the procedure. Everyone in Dr. Schnur’s office cares a great deal about their patients care and making sure they are comfortable. I would recommend sedation to others. If anyone has fear or apprehension, it is the way to go. The best part is the total relaxation. It is great to have found a dentist that uses sedation dentistry.”

– RG, Ellenton, FL



“My husband had been canceling appointment after appointment for a cleaning. Finally, after much coercion, I convinced him to see your hygienist, who would take great care of him without any pain. After shaking hands with your hygienist, she commented on the coldness of his hand. Immediately she sent your receptionist to warm up some gloves in the microwave for him. She then lowered the lights and put shaded glasses on him. When I called my husband later he told me what they had done and that he will be going every three months for a cleaning from now on. I cannot stress how impressed I am with the care my husband and I both receive from your staff, but your hygienist in particular has allowed by husband to ‘turn the corner’ with regard to his dental care.”

– KH, Parrish, FL



“The whole group at Florida Smile Design is like a family. They treat you as part of the family and make you feel comfortable and at home with them. I have suffered for many years with bad TMJ problems. Upon moving to Florida I was unable to find anyone in the area that would even talk to me about my problem. Without proper balance it is impossible for me to eat without strain on my jaws and a lot of pain. I am glad to say the doctor did a great job and for the first time in eight years I do not end my meals with a headache. Thank you one and all for the great care and work. You were very careful to make sure I had breaks during my appointments and that everything was as pain free as possible. In fact it was less pain than other places when less work was done.”

– GN, Bradenton, FL



“I decided to have my dentistry with sedation after Dr. Schnur’s Assistant recommended it. I didn’t know it was available until she told me. It was extremely simple, and I had no memory of the appointment the next day. Everyone in the office was very caring and compassionate. They didn’t make me feel like a jerk because I have such apprehension about needles. I guess I’m “needlephobic”. The best part about sedation was being relaxed. It really took the “ow” out of “ouch”. I would recommend Florida Smile Design to anyone and everyone.”

– LG, Parrish, FL

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