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At Florida Smile Design, we’re here for every individual looking to improve their life through better oral health. If negative past experiences and fear have kept you from seeing a dentist, we’d be honored to show you a different kind of care.

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The field of dentistry has no shortage of solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs, but there are a few pieces of the puzzle that can’t be missing in order to design successful treatment plans. First and foremost, comfort and trust must be established. If you don’t feel your needs, goals, and your medical and lifestyle history have been heard in a safe, supportive environment, it’s going to be more than a little difficult to have confidence in recommendations you are given.

At Florida Smile Design, we’re familiar with the barriers that prevent people from seeking the care they need when they need it. If you’re worried you’ll be judged for the condition of your mouth, set that concern aside. We’re not just available to help—we’re pleased to. If you’re unsure you’ll be able to fit quality dentistry into your budget, rest assured that will be factored into your customized care and that we make every effort to avoid financial surprises.

Your Home Away from Home

Once we’ve taken the time to get to know you and your goals, we can discuss your options and help you decide what’s best for you by answering any questions you have. We’re happy to share our knowledge and inform you of advantages and potential risks to guide you on how to care for your smile, whether you’re searching for prevention methods or need advice on caring for restorations. We maintain trust by never suggesting services you wouldn’t benefit from.

When you become a member of our dental family, you’ll notice a few things we feel make our practice unique. We’re confident in our skills and experience, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun and love what we do. We get to make positive differences in our community by helping our Parrish friends and neighbors keep or regain the function and beauty of their smiles. Our goal is to help you accomplish yours, and we’re honored when given the opportunity.

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Dr. Richard Schnur

Dr. Richard Schnur

You Deserve Compassionate Care

When it comes to healthcare, there are multiple components to consider before you select providers, and oral healthcare is no different. Proximity and office hours definitely make scheduling convenient, but those items alone can’t save a practice that doesn’t offer the type of services you’re looking for. Accessibility factors in costs as well, but numbers by themselves don’t reflect the time, attention, and advanced technology given and utilized during each visit. Through years of practicing, we’ve confirmed that relationships are the most vital to the success of both the goals of our patients and our office.

While this may come as no surprise for most people, it’s still something we see people struggle with. Whether it’s not being listened to, feeling forgotten about in waiting rooms and then rushed during visits, then being given bad news without hearing solutions, these are things that can create lasting bad impressions.

At Florida Smile Design, you can count on being treated with the respect and dignity we’d expect to be treated with. The health and appearance of your smile is personal, and we feel it’s a privilege to be entrusted with caring for you and improving the way you feel about both. We work hard to include elements that make it simple to choose us as your oral healthcare providers, but building relationships is as important and fulfilling for us as helping you reveal a transformed smile.

"I want to advocate for people who have dental fears, are uncertain how they'’'ll pay for care, aren'’'t sure where to go or whom to trust. Whether they're experiencing pain that's forcing them to seek care, or they're going to be in a friend’s wedding photos three months from now and are anxious about their smile's appearance. I want to say, 'You deserve to be treated well.'"

Comfortable Appointments & Satisfactory Results with Advanced Technology

Investing in technology and continuing our education allows us to provide the quality care you deserve. We implement 3D-imaging technology to develop precise treatment plans without the need for messy physical impressions. We take digital x-rays from the comfort of the chair to reduce your exposure to radiation.

Intraoral cameras snap high-resolution photos that can be magnified for earlier diagnosis of issues, and they help us show you what can be hard to see upon self-examination. We apply local anesthetic to prevent you from feeling anything unpleasant and offer safe sedation to help you relax while we treat you.

Making Quality Care

Dental fears are a legitimate and common concern for millions of people worldwide. Fears of not being able to fit dental care into your budget may be just as big a concern. If you need assistance affording treatment, we accept payment through CareCredit®. CareCredit has a simple application process that can be completed in minutes, and approval is instant. You can use it for necessary or elective procedures and pay the balance in monthly installments that won’t break the bank.

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