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Calming Dental Fears

Calming Dental Fears

Relaxation in the Dental Chair

  • Did you know an estimated 93 million Americans are anxious about the dentist?
  • Did you know you remain conscious at all times during sedation dentistry with us?
  • We do not judge anyone’s teeth—ever. We want you comfortable and healthy!

If dental visits make you nervous, we can help.

Between 9-20% of Americans skip dental visits due to anxiety, and bona fide dental phobia is a serious business that leads people to avoid dentists until they are in pain.

Florida Smile Design invites you to gentle dentistry, where we offer relaxing conscious sedation options where you remain awake at all times. Have questions? Just ask!

Nitrous Oxide

Breathe Deeply & Feel Lighter Within Minutes

Nitrous oxide, also commonly called laughing gas, is the lightest form of sedation. It’s administered through a small facial mask and is known for producing feelings of giddiness (yep, it’s possible to feel giddy during your dental visit!) in a short amount of time, and for wearing off quickly so that you can get back to your life with no delay after receiving care.

  • Feel the effects within minutes
  • Levels can be adjusted as needed
  • An ideal light sedation method for most people
  • Allows you to safely drive to & from your visit
Oral Sedation

Your Treatment Will Be Over Before You Know It!

Oral conscious sedation might be explained by its name, but it can’t be obtained without a prescription. The sedative prescribed will be determined by your medical history, which includes allergies and conditions that may interfere with its effectiveness. Once we find a match, you’ll be given a prescription to take about an hour before your appointment. You’ll remain generally conscious as the name implies, but the relaxed state you enter may make you feel as though you slept through your appointment.

  • Recommended for patients with moderate anxiety
  • Requires transportation to & from your appointment
  • You may experience residual grogginess
  • Your appointment may feel like it ended as soon as it began
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Our Patients Say It Best!
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On the Topic of Dental Fears

You Deserve to Experience Improved Oral Health & Confidence in Your Smile

Sedation Infographic

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Can Sedation
Help You?

Sedation dentistry may be ideal for you if:

  • You’ve had negative dental experiences in the past
  • Have general fears or anxieties about dentistry
  • Fear the sounds and smells associated with dental offices
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex or TMJ
  • You need more invasive, time-consuming dental work

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